Fundamental Due Diligence for Your Commercial Lease

Guest Author: Salvatore Russo, JD, MBA Commercial leases, like any other contract, are negotiated based of each party’s respective leverage. But even if you are a smaller or newly established tenant, there is still plenty of homework that needs to be done prior to executing the lease.

Operating Lease Treatment Harder to Achieve Under 2016 Lease Standards

Authored by Glenn Madere and Louis Battagliese In August 2010 FASB proposed a new lease accounting standard that it finalized in February 2016. Much of the five-and-a-half-year incubation period can be traced to vocal opposition by commercial tenants and their advisors who objected to what FASB now calls “finance lease” treatment for virtually all leases—the … Continued

When Amenities Become the Deciding Factor

By definition, an amenity is a desirable or useful feature of a building. They are often listed well below what used to be considered the “essential” facts (price per sq/ft, building size, availability). As Millennials take over as the largest demographic in the work force, tenants and landlords are starting to pay greater attention to … Continued

Flex Industrial Opportunities

In a tight industrial market, there are some flex industrial availabilities here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

What Does Commuting Have to do With Commercial Real Estate?

Let’s give Millennials credit for one good idea: cutting down on commuting. Workers spend about 204 hours a year commuting, at a cost of $2600, according to the Census Bureau. That’s just the average, it doesn’t take into consideration the evitable traffic jam, the construction project or the overturned tractor trailer. No wonder commuting to … Continued

A Family Tradition Begins with the Newest Hire at JCP

The Morrissey Clan has staked a claim on a corner of the Jackson Cross Partners office. Sitting side by side are Founding Partner, John Morrissey and his son, Sean Morrissey, who recently joined the Jackson Cross Brokerage team.