Data Solutions

In this digital age, reliable data is imperative. Implementing effective platforms designs takes a diverse skill set. Our corporate advisory team offers in-depth knowledge in the critical areas of: real estate, accounting, contract law and technology.

International Lease Abstraction

Working with trained international abstraction teams, the nuances of a lease are put into proper terminology to ensure efficient translation. Jackson Cross has developed a “co-shoring” approach that leverages lower cost off-shore abstraction with our U.S. based quality control team.

Intelligent Imaging

A more effective way to digitize and structure the original property files.

Data Driven Abstracts

An analysis that highlights key data points of lease(s). Companies can thereby use all of the data in the abstract to benchmark progress, standardize lease forms, and manage risk.

Document Reconciliation

A checks and balance system that assures all scanned information is present, legible and complete.

Lease Accounting

Big changes in lease reporting on financial statements means altering the way data is collected. Jackson Cross Partners has collaborated with some of the largest real estate users in the world to create accurate data bases that span organizational boundaries.

Corporate Advisory
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