Crowdfunding from the Tenant’s Prospective

Crowdfunding from the Tenant’s Perspective

Equity crowdfunding is still in its infancy, but the dollar amounts raised thus far are impressive- an estimated $150 million in 2014 for just real estate projects. Dozens of sites are offering accredited investors a slice of the real estate pie. By pledging as little as $1000, high net worth people can become property investors … Continued

The Changing Needs of Healthcare Real Estate

In this fast pace world, consumers expect services readily available at convenient locations. This mentality, along with government mandates, is forcing healthcare providers to develop new strategies for the growing patient population while reducing overhead costs. Real estate could be a financial help or hindrance in adapting to this new way of practicing medicine.

Capturing Value and Monetizing Real Estate

Capturing Value and Monetizing Real Estate

The emergence of the Single Tenant Net Leased (STNL) marketplace has largely benefitted developers and landlords. This year, however, a number of companies have changed that dynamic.


Not All Data is Created Equal

In a constantly evolving world of technology, buying behavior, pricing and competition – how much value should we be placing on these reports and predictions?

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Look Outside Your Lease Terms

Corporate tenants have the ability to align their leases with their business plan, but too few exploit this opportunity. Here’s what to look for beyond just the lease term.

Getting Real About Corporate Real Estate

As businesses expand and the proposed FASB lease accounting standards become a reality, real estate will become a top “C” level priority. Benefits of implementing real estate strategic opportunities now.

Parking Showdown at the Office Corral

The office trend to do more with less space can be a rent blessing and a parking lot curse. Parking space is becoming a point of lease contention, but there are some ways to ease the frustration.

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Think Outside the Big Box

Here’s why your company’s bottom line benefits from hiring an independent real estate firm – 5 reasons to think outside the Big Box.

Jackson Cross Proudly Supports The Spring-Ford Golden Ram Marching Band

Jackson Cross Partners (JCP) is honored to have the opportunity to be a proud sponsor of the 2014-2015 Spring-Ford Golden Ram Marching Band as they attempt to take home a record 8th Tournament of Bands Group 4 Atlantic Coast Championship. At JCP, we’re committed to supporting a variety of charitable and scholastic programs that improve … Continued