Kristin McVicar, Esq.

Kristin is an attorney in the Jackson Cross Advisory Services Group. She has been working with Jackson Cross since March 2006, focusing on lease abstracting. Prior to joining Jackson Cross, Kristin worked for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as a DA representative during preliminary arraignments and for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania as a … Continued

Kerry Huntsman-Hanson

Mrs. Huntsman-Hanson has been with Jackson Cross since its inception in October 2003. Her focus is on portfolio and project management and technology implementation. She has also developed internal training procedures and manuals for the various consulting services Jackson Cross offers, and has worked with clients to ensure lease compliance with financial and legal standards. … Continued

Hee Jong Kwon, Esq.

Hee Jong Kwon is an attorney in the Advisory Services division of Jackson Cross Partners. Since joining the firm in 2005, Ms. Kwon’s emphasis has been on portfolio management, lease administration, lease abstraction and data integrity management. Ms. Kwon has been actively involved in developing and implementing best practices for document management and lease abstraction … Continued

Zachary Forrest

Mr. Forrest joined Jackson Cross Partners in January of 2017 supporting the company with accounting and business development matters surrounding the new FASB Lease Accounting Guidance. As Executive Director, Mr. Forrest helps clients work through their Lease Accounting implementation projects. With a constant risk-based approach, he strategically advises numerous Fortune 500 companies on best practices … Continued

Johanna Pauciolo Jackson Cross Partners

Johanna Pauciulo, Esq.

Johanna Choate Pauciulo is an attorney with our Advisory Services Group. Johanna joined Jackson Cross Partners in October 2005. Johanna assists many clients, including large international corporations, restaurants, schools, and retailers with document review and organization. Johanna’s specialty is coordinating and organizing large lease abstracting projects. Johanna has significant experience in the review and analysis … Continued

Kareena Gaines

Kareena Gaines is a Director – Project Manager for Jackson Cross Partners, LLC. Kareena joined the JCP team, in 2013, to support the Advisory Services group as well as the CRE Strategies group in the daily maintenance of corporate client portfolios. Her work focuses on lease abstracting and portfolio management of complex portfolios maintained in … Continued

Patrick Walls

Patrick Walls has been working with Jackson Cross Partners since 2015, focusing on our lease data migration services. Patrick works to gain a thorough understanding of the data contained in a clients’ legacy system(s) and the objectives they are looking to achieve with their data. Once a clear objective is established between all affected business … Continued

Victoria A. Arena, Esq.

Victoria A. Arena is an attorney in the Advisory Services Group of Jackson Cross Partners. She joined Jackson Cross in February of 2017. Prior to joining Jackson Cross, Victoria served as a Judicial Law Clerk in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Civil Trial Division. As a Law Clerk, Victoria worked on a variety of … Continued

Michelle McMonagle

Michelle joined Jackson Cross Partners in November 2013 as the Advisory Services Coordinator and has recently been promoted to Managing Director, a role in which she supports the Advisory Services Group with accounting and financial matters dealing mainly in Accounts Payable, project management and analytic projects for various aspects of the company. Prior to joining … Continued

Elizabeth Killackey, Esq.

Elizabeth Killackey joined Jackson Cross in March 2018 as an attorney in the Advisory Division. Elizabeth’s responsibilities include working in lease administration for a large international corporation with over 35,000 locations and several other international companies. Prior to joining Jackson Cross, Elizabeth was an in-house attorney for US Mortgage Resolution and for computer game company … Continued