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Sr. Data Architect

Patrick Walls has been working with Jackson Cross Partners since 2015, focusing on our lease data migration services.

Patrick works to gain a thorough understanding of the data contained in a clients’ legacy system(s) and the objectives they are looking to achieve with their data. Once a clear objective is established between all affected business units, he designs the process from which the JCP Advisory Services team cleanses, transforms and migrates existing legacy data into a structure that fits the clients’ needs. Patrick’s strength in understanding the unique challenges that Technical, Legal, Accounting and Financial business units face, allows JCP to design and build a singular process that benefits each unit according to their specific data requirements.

Prior to joining Jackson Cross, Patrick worked as Data Migration Consultant working in the P&C Insurance Industry. He has also worked with Cloud Synchronization and SaaS projects ranging from tech start-ups to international clients. Through this experience, Patrick has established a deliberate intent of working with individuals at all levels of an organization. He believes a successful Migration project and its tangible influence on a business is linked to the cooperation and partnership developed with users directly affected by any perceived system innovation.

In 2003, Patrick received a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Drexel University. Patrick was a member of Drexel’s Division I Lacrosse team. He is an IBM Certified Application Developer.

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