The Generation that…

The Generation That…

Gen Y or Millennials are coming of age and are changing the real estate market. Here’s what you need to know on how their choices will impact the next five years.

5 Business Lessons from Airline Safety Instructions

While sitting on a crowded plane returning from a recent trip, I was half listening to the flight attendant demonstrate the standard safety instructions we all hear before take-off. I gave the instructions a bit more thought and realized that the same basic rules apply in business. Although many of the safety guidelines apply to … Continued

Five Insider Secrets on Creative Densification

I visited a client’s office recently to review a lease renewal strategy. Business is good, the customer list is growing, and HR is busy recruiting and hiring new associates. This is typically great news for a real estate consultant like me. Growth usually means the need for more space. But our conversation took a different … Continued

SMC: New Transaction Management Process Creates Efficiency

In 2007, SMC purchased Health South Corporation’s Outpatient Rehabilitation division which included approximately 600 facilities in 35 states.  The same year, SMC purchased NovaCare Rehabilitation, a leading provider of physical and occupational therapy services, with 540 operating clinics throughout the United States. The real estate division for each company independently managed their… Download Case Study »