Universities Bid for Commercial Real Estate

Millennials have a definite preference for where they want work and live, which is why universities are aggressively acquiring or leasing real estate, especially in urban areas. Once dormant property owners, universities are using real estate to attract the best and brightest. The result of this property push is college and universities are becoming some … Continued

Cate Sennett Inducted into WACE Hall of Fame

Catherine Swift Sennett ‘80, Esq., Partner in Charge of Advisory Services for Jackson Cross Partners was nominated by Drexel President John Fry to be a distinguished inductee for the 2015-2016 class.

Jason Blank Promoted to Senior Transaction Manager

Jason Blank Promoted to Senior Transaction Manager

Jackson Cross Partners is pleased to announce Jason Blank has been promoted to Senior Transaction Manager. In his new position, Jason will be responsible for the in-service agendas, developing new processes to eliminate redundancy in our internal operations, as well collaborating with JCP’s marketing team to better present our multi-market portfolio capability.

office common space

New Uses for Common Spaces

The common area is a “necessary evil” in leases- it covers everything from elevator shafts, secondary means of egress for life safety reasons; and HVAC vertical penetrations to the restrooms. Tenants pay, directly or indirectly through rent, for the maintenance of these areas. The combination of building utility areas and presentation spaces make up 10% … Continued

How World Events Impact Lease Clauses

Over the life of a commercial real estate lease world events will happen. In the last fifteen years, various events- technological advances, financial spikes and dips, and acts of terrorism have directly impacted lease negotiations and terms. Jackson Cross Partners reviews, abstracts and analyzes thousands of leases a year- here are a few clauses that … Continued

Beyond the Comcast Tower What's next for Philadelphia's real estate

Beyond the Comcast Tower: What’s next for Philadelphia’s real estate

It all began back in 1987, when William Penn, (perched atop City Hall) was dwarfed by a taller skyscraper. At the time, the city’s office vacancy rate was 12%, but like many other former industrial hubs, Philly’s population had been dwindling and companies were being lured out to the suburbs. With the end of the … Continued

How to Handle The Credit Question

How to Handle The Credit Question

“To have or not to have”, that is the credit question. Tenants’ credit can easily make or break a deal. With the positive economic outlook, low vacancy rates, and higher rent rates- tenants are having to do more to prove their worth. In 2014 alone, according to CoStar, there was a 42 percent increase in … Continued

Cate Sennett Honored for Her Leadership Skills

Catherine Swift Sennett, Esq., Partner in Charge of Advisory Services for Jackson Cross Partners is being recognized for her leadership skills as a 2015 Brava! Award recipient.

Is Your Office a Zoo?

Is Your Office a Zoo?

Zoos used to be concrete, barred cages with little regard for the captive animal. The same could be said for offices; spaces were divided and you were assigned a seat based on availability. But times are changing and zoos are putting the emphasis back on the most important part of the operation-the animals. Similarly, companies … Continued