Lessons Learned from Early FASB Adopters

An interesting finding came out of a recent survey by one of the Big Four accounting firms. Only 8% of 13,000 questioned said they have a good understanding of the recently announced changes to the Lease Accounting Standard. With 92% somewhere between “general understanding” and “haven’t started”, the impending IASB/FASB deadline is going to seem … Continued

What Rent Really Means

In a lease “Rent” is a defined term and its definition from lease to lease varies, depending how the Landlord and their lender accounts for rent, processes payments of expenses, and utilities. Brokers working for landlords have to be careful to understand the “rent” definition, so when modeling the tenants financial obligation the correct escalations, … Continued


Build to Suit: A Three Step Process

The Build to Suit choice has become an option for many companies looking to expand and grow. With a tight and limited inventory of  Flex Industrial buildings available for sale in the 10k to 100k SF range, Industrial Land has become hot!  The three steps are as follows: locate a piece of ground, check the … Continued