The SIOR Difference

Credential letters following a name often signifies advanced study of a subject. In the case of commercial real estate, SIOR (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors) signifies that a broker has met stringent qualifications. SIOR means the broker is amongst the Top 10% brokers (industrial and office) around the world. Among those who have received the high distinction are five Jackson Cross Partners: Pete Davisson, Louis Battagliese, John Morrissey, Philip Rothenberg, and Nick Adams.

SIOR was founded back in the 1940’s in Philadelphia. The earliest members were instrumental in helping to find locations for building defense and war materials during World War II. The coast to coast connections formed among those SIOR brokers is still an important factor in doing business today. John Morrissey says, “When my client needs to find a space in other markets, I immediately look up SIOR brokers in the area. It’s a guarantee, for my client, that this broker has been properly vented and has the experience necessary to get the best deal”.

Adhering to the strict requirements just to join SIOR, members continue to build on their knowledge of industrial and office commercial real estate. Pete Davisson has been a member for more than two decades and he has had the opportunity to attend numerous SIOR members only conferences.  He says, “There’s always high-profile developers and banks who sponsor talks and such at these events because they know SIOR is made up of the movers and shakers of the industry”.

Local SIOR chapters also mentor future brokers. Philip Rothenberg is involved selecting and presenting a scholarship to college students on behalf of the Philadelphia regional chapter.  As he explains, “As former President of the Philadelphia Chapter, I know the future of the industry starts with motivated students”.

Jackson Cross Partners proudly supports the SIOR organization because its members work to maintain the best practices for clients. It’s a belief that is fundamental to JCP’s way of doing business.