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Think Outside the Big Box

Big real estate firms like to tout numbers, like how many people work for them, how many offices they have around the world, and how many managers make up the corporate team. However, the size of the company you do business with has very little to do with your satisfaction. Here are five reasons to think independently when choosing a commercial real estate firm.

Drive to Details

Real estate is a profit enhancer only if you’re advised correctly. Independent firms concentrate on what we do well. By focusing on the needs of the tenant, we guarantee objectivity and eliminate the conflict of interest found at big firms. Independent firms have a consistent decision process that aligns with the clients’ needs.


Working with an independent firm means direct access to the top people – we’re not bound by corporate board policies. By eliminating the corporate layers and beginning a project with the most experienced people directly involved, we can provide clients with economy of scale. Also, since we aren’t dealing at high volumes just to get the deal done, we can take the quality over quantity approach to hiring.

Extended Reach

Big firms are often run like a franchise, which means you’ll get very little variation. While they claim this allows them to have a greater multi-market reach, technology has leveled the playing field. An example: when working on multi-market deals, it’s beneficial for big firms to keep things with the company. With an independent firm, the criterion for enlisting multi-market help is catered to the project’s needs. We have the ability to vet the people we work with and aren’t bound by a restricting company umbrella.


Big firms rarely take chances on new technology; it costs them too much to make system wide changes. Because independent firms aren’t restricted, we can develop technology partnerships to pick the best resources. Through those connections, we are able to become transaction managers, portfolio administrators, abstraction databases builders, corporate asset managers, and advisors for FASB compliances.

Focus on Relationship

Independent firms become an extension of their client companies. Beyond the transaction, we’re able to strengthen your real estate portfolio because we can customize our services to meet your needs.

Commercial Real Estate is a complex industry that can have significant impact on your business’ operational costs. In order to optimize your real estate spending, you should find a CRE company that can develop a customized strategy beyond the transaction.