Developing Proactive Portfolio Management

For companies with a large portfolio of leased properties, the post-pandemic, shifting workplace policies and changing consumer preferences are putting pressure on location and facility decisions. Historically, there was greater stability of corporate properties as own vs. lease decisions were made prior to occupancy. Companies renewed most leases greater than 85% of the time and … Continued


Another Covid Impact: Delayed Value Realization of FASB Lease Investments

In the years leading up to the 2019 Transition Date for ASC 842 and IFRS 16, we authored a couple of articles on FASB’s Gift and Moneyballing CRE where we projected that the significant investment in new systems, data assembly, financial integration and new processes and controls would pay substantial dividends in the overall asset … Continued


Insight Into The Jackson Cross Award-Winning Compliance Process

     As anyone who works on commission knows, perseverance is a critical skill. “Wins” and recognition are often spread out over time, leading to job frustration and discouragement. Many of us have creative ways to combat this doubt. Perhaps it’s a “ Yes, I Can” file of past awards to reference when we need to … Continued

New Challenges Managing Global Portfolios

As many large international companies are learning, the conversion to ASC 842 and IFRS 16 was not a process that ended with the transition date or first annual reporting cycle. In addition to dealing with both US GAAP and IFRS reporting, the underlying challenges of maintaining accurate data, reconciling financials, dealing with different languages and … Continued

Alternative Financing Structures for the New Lease Standards

The recent economic challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused businesses to look for ways to raise cash to weather the financial storm. A number of companies are looking into sale and lease-back transactions (SLB) of their own real estate as a way to raise capital.

Consideration in Documenting a Lender/Landlord Pause Agreement

After the initial article on An Idea to Avoid Financial Destruction, there have been a number of companies and state governments who have either unilaterally decided to stop paying rent or instituted a “moratorium” on enforcement actions like eviction for 90 days.

An Idea to Avoid Mutually Assured Financial Destruction

Of all of the market cycles that we have been through over the last 40 years, the looming fallout from the current Covid-19 pandemic may create financial hardship that could reverberate for a generation. The US economy generates roughly $50 billion of commerce every day ($19T GDP / 365). The almost immediate shutdown of all … Continued

Sale/Leasebacks Long Term Challenges

Back in 2016, this was Lou Battagliese’s response to a recommendation made to Macy’s. Four years and post FASB lease accounting compliance later, other big retail companies are looking at sale/leasebacks. The realization that corporate occupiers of commercial real estate should look at the value that their occupancy creates, and manage real estate more as … Continued

Unlocking Hidden Value for Shareholders

As I approach a milestone birthday I am amused by how the arc of my career has come full circle. As a brand new IBM sales trainee in 1980 my first assignment was to create a rent vs own analysis to convince companies that were renting rooms full of the IBM 029 card punch machines … Continued

Are We Sure These Numbers Are Right?

The irony has not escaped us that on April Fool’s Day 2019, all of the public companies around the world, reporting on a calendar year basis, will be preparing for their first quarterly financial reports under the new Lease Accounting standards (ASC 842 and IFRS 16).