Insight Into The Jackson Cross Award-Winning Compliance Process

     As anyone who works on commission knows, perseverance is a critical skill. “Wins” and recognition are often spread out over time, leading to job frustration and discouragement. Many of us have creative ways to combat this doubt. Perhaps it’s a “ Yes, I Can” file of past awards to reference when we need to reinforce why it is we do what we do. And, sometimes we’re lucky enough to work with folks that help shine a light on us.
    That’s why we are excited to share a recent JCP win! At their Virtual Oscar Party, Cargill recognized our contribution to their Lease Accounting Implementation Project calling it “the most successful global technology and process deployments”.
    As a way to pay it forward, we recently sat down with Cargill to break down our successful solutions to what may be considered one of the biggest changes in financial reporting.
     This behind-the-scenes look provides insight into the cooperation of multiple experienced stakeholders and how you can, as Cargill’s Director of Technical Accounting puts it, “…learn from companies that had done this before”.

Walking the FASB Red Carpet