Spotlight on Berks County

Over the last several years, Jackson Cross has been involved with some major commercial real estate projects in Berks County. The potential for further growth is there, let us help you to discover the possibilities. 

When Amenities Become the Deciding Factor

By definition, an amenity is a desirable or useful feature of a building. They are often listed well below what used to be considered the “essential” facts (price per sq/ft, building size, availability). As Millennials take over as the largest demographic in the work force, tenants and landlords are starting to pay greater attention to … Continued

What Does Commuting Have to do With Commercial Real Estate?

Let’s give Millennials credit for one good idea: cutting down on commuting. Workers spend about 204 hours a year commuting, at a cost of $2600, according to the Census Bureau. That’s just the average, it doesn’t take into consideration the evitable traffic jam, the construction project or the overturned tractor trailer. No wonder commuting to … Continued

Trending in CRE – Branching Out

“If you build it, they will come”, great quote, but not necessarily true these days. More and more, commercial real estate is being build-to-suit the customer. Banks, long ago, figured out this concept but now healthcare, higher education, corporate, and e-commerce- are decentralizing. It’s no longer about one location, it’s about new branches.

office common space

New Uses for Common Spaces

The common area is a “necessary evil” in leases- it covers everything from elevator shafts, secondary means of egress for life safety reasons; and HVAC vertical penetrations to the restrooms. Tenants pay, directly or indirectly through rent, for the maintenance of these areas. The combination of building utility areas and presentation spaces make up 10% … Continued

How to Handle The Credit Question

How to Handle The Credit Question

“To have or not to have”, that is the credit question. Tenants’ credit can easily make or break a deal. With the positive economic outlook, low vacancy rates, and higher rent rates- tenants are having to do more to prove their worth. In 2014 alone, according to CoStar, there was a 42 percent increase in … Continued

Green is the New Black in Commercial Real Estate

Green is the New Black in Commercial Real Estate

It’s not enough anymore to put a recycling can in the break-room and LED light bulbs in your desk lamp in order to say a company is environmentally conscious. According to the US Department of Energy, commercial buildings account for 35 percent of US electricity consumption. That number, along with other environmental factors is what’s … Continued

The Changing Needs of Healthcare Real Estate

In this fast pace world, consumers expect services readily available at convenient locations. This mentality, along with government mandates, is forcing healthcare providers to develop new strategies for the growing patient population while reducing overhead costs. Real estate could be a financial help or hindrance in adapting to this new way of practicing medicine.

Parking Showdown at the Office Corral

The office trend to do more with less space can be a rent blessing and a parking lot curse. Parking space is becoming a point of lease contention, but there are some ways to ease the frustration.