Analyzing the Impact of New Lease Accounting Standards on Commercial Ground Leases

New lease accounting standards have opened up a new set of issues for companies. As seasoned consultants on these standards, we are often asked for our real estate perspective. Here is a view on handling commercial ground leases.

New Financial Statement Treatment of Leases Calls for Fresh Corporate Property Strategies

Find out how lease accounting changes and new market capital dynamics are impacting commercial real estate and how to develop alternative strategies.

Comparison Between ILPS and a REIT spinoff

Is our patented Internal Lease Preferred Stock or is a REIT the right solution. Find out the difference.

Reduce Rent Expense By 15% To 20%

Jackson Cross Partners, LLC (“JCP”) has developed a program to leverage the investment market’s demand for corporate net leased properties to provide significant rent savings to our corporate clients. Many times there is a significant spread between the current rent being paid, and the capitalized value of the income stream. By restructuring the Lease, JCP … Continued

In Rough Economic Times, Immediate Bottom Line Impact Can Be Found In Lease Financial Audits

Jackson Cross Partners (“JCP”) works with many corporate tenants and commercial property owners in the review, abstraction and audit of property leases. The JCP Advisory group utilizes a full time staff of 7 attorneys and property specialists, along with a group of 25 independent contractors to help clients “mine for value” in their property leases. … Continued

Document Management Through “Intelligent Imaging” Provides Cornerstone To Data Integrity

Jackson Cross Partners (“JCP”) works with many corporate clients who are building, upgrading or maintaining their real estate information systems. With the experience of reviewing over 25,000 client files, JCP has developed processes and controls to insure the highest level of data integrity. Along the way, JCP has also identified critical areas in the document … Continued

Focusing On The “M” In IWMS

For most of the last decade, multi-location corporations have begun to focus on their expense and investment in real estate. Much of this emphasis has manifested itself in the collection of information, development of corporate standards, and improved internal processes. The utilization of new technology platforms has brought forth the Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) … Continued