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Short-Term Leases Will Not Save Your Balance Sheet

In the lead up to, and adoption of, the new lease accounting standards, many have looked at short-term leases to manage the impact on corporate balance sheets. However, they may be providing false hope.

Rent Concession

Relief or No Relief?

In April, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) provided a Q&A document regarding relief for the rent concessions negotiated from the COVID-19 pandemic. As some of those concessions may be expiring, I’d like to revisit the topic and update some earlier suggestions I made.

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Commercial Real Estate in 2016

If you’re tired of “Year in Review” and “Best of 2015” articles, here’s a look forward to a few things coming in 2016.

Capturing Value and Monetizing Real Estate

Capturing Value and Monetizing Real Estate

The emergence of the Single Tenant Net Leased (STNL) marketplace has largely benefitted developers and landlords. This year, however, a number of companies have changed that dynamic.

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Look Outside Your Lease Terms

Corporate tenants have the ability to align their leases with their business plan, but too few exploit this opportunity. Here’s what to look for beyond just the lease term.