Pertinent Lease Details During Catastrophic Events

Ice in the west, hurricanes in the southeast, plus winter is coming to the north- all potential disasters for people leasing commercial spaces. Yet, businesses with multiple facilities  in one or more of those regions can’t just simply refer to a single lease for answers when catastrophic events occur. Clauses, provisions, local/state laws all vary … Continued

Usable Versus Rentable Space

Goldilocks was lucky, she got to try out each bed until she found the one that was just right. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding the right commercial real estate space, you don’t get to try them out.  Since commercial real estate is one of a company’s biggest expenses and leases are usually signed for … Continued

Universities Bid for Commercial Real Estate

Millennials have a definite preference for where they want work and live, which is why universities are aggressively acquiring or leasing real estate, especially in urban areas. Once dormant property owners, universities are using real estate to attract the best and brightest. The result of this property push is college and universities are becoming some … Continued

How World Events Impact Lease Clauses

Over the life of a commercial real estate lease world events will happen. In the last fifteen years, various events- technological advances, financial spikes and dips, and acts of terrorism have directly impacted lease negotiations and terms. Jackson Cross Partners reviews, abstracts and analyzes thousands of leases a year- here are a few clauses that … Continued

Beyond the Comcast Tower What's next for Philadelphia's real estate

Beyond the Comcast Tower: What’s next for Philadelphia’s real estate

It all began back in 1987, when William Penn, (perched atop City Hall) was dwarfed by a taller skyscraper. At the time, the city’s office vacancy rate was 12%, but like many other former industrial hubs, Philly’s population had been dwindling and companies were being lured out to the suburbs. With the end of the … Continued

Is Your Office a Zoo?

Is Your Office a Zoo?

Zoos used to be concrete, barred cages with little regard for the captive animal. The same could be said for offices; spaces were divided and you were assigned a seat based on availability. But times are changing and zoos are putting the emphasis back on the most important part of the operation-the animals. Similarly, companies … Continued

Lost in Real Estate Lease Translation

Lost in Real Estate Lease Translation

There’s a major cultural problem facing companies who are broadening their real estate beyond the US borders as well as global companies who are strategically looking at their real estate assets. The issue is business textual translation – it’s more than the difference between writing a date (3/Mar/2015 versus Mar. 3, 2015), it’s about key … Continued

Social media is a must

Social Media is a Must

Real Estate is a social business, so it’s ironic that so many people, within the industry, scoff at social media. While we can all agree you probably aren’t going to make the sale of a lifetime from social media, you are certainly going to get yourself out there. The power of social media is that … Continued

Crowdfunding from the Tenant’s Prospective

Crowdfunding from the Tenant’s Perspective

Equity crowdfunding is still in its infancy, but the dollar amounts raised thus far are impressive- an estimated $150 million in 2014 for just real estate projects. Dozens of sites are offering accredited investors a slice of the real estate pie. By pledging as little as $1000, high net worth people can become property investors … Continued

box with idea

Think Outside the Big Box

Here’s why your company’s bottom line benefits from hiring an independent real estate firm – 5 reasons to think outside the Big Box.