We blend experience, technology and innovative thinking with local market expertise and exportable processes to help our clients transform real estate portfolios into strategic business assets. Our Corporate Real Estate Strategies (CRE Strategies) Group provides you with the tools for better fiscal control of your leases or owned property, while increasing efficiency of real estate data management through the artful application of technology.

Portfolio Management and Administration

We provide Portfolio Management and Lease Administration services for clients with portfolios from 10 to 350 locations. This service, using web based systems, provides you with turnkey access to your property information, and an auditable process for the maintenance and changes to your database due to acquisitions, dispositions, changes in rent, or other changes to the property. Our Portfolio Management team also provides you with regular reports including critical date reports, lease expirations, future rent obligations and analytical reports including cost per seat, capacity & utilization, rent to revenue and other client driven metrics.

Transaction Management

Today’s real estate transactions are complex and require the coordination of numerous documents, contacts, service orders, and tasks to culminate successfully. Through our Transaction Management services, we leverage our internal network of experts, and our relationships with strategic partners and third party suppliers to maximize asset and portfolio profitability, manage risk, and facilitate integration through technology. Whether your focus is on sale of owned property, subleasing, acquisition of new sites, lease extensions, lease restructures, lease terminations, purchasing of a leased site, or sale and leaseback transactions, our Transaction Management services help put real estate strategy into action with consistent results, lower cycle times, and better control.

Strategic Planning

Carrying out a proper and useful strategic planning effort for an organization’s real estate and facilities is rarely a simple task. The decisions made are fundamental to the business and the internal and marketplace insight needed in this planning is often critical. That’s where we come in. Even if your real estate strategic planning and management needs are not crystal clear, we’ll work with you to help you clarify your objectives, analyze options, and develop a strategic plan to maximize the return on your real estate investments.

Market Research (MRb3)

In addition to using standard internet-based subscription inventory management services, such as CoStar and LoopNet, for demographics, traffic counts, population trends, and other data, we go to the next level of market research. Using our proprietary MRb3 process, our transaction managers conduct interviews of three professionals who are “in the field” on a particular project, and solicit the appropriate market data from each. We then triangulate that data so the facts can be qualified and verified. This information confirms the accuracy of our market conclusions – giving us the confidence to make a data-based recommendations.

Property Analysis

The first thing often asked or said about investment property is it is a “Cash Flow” opportunity. But what does that really mean? How can you compare one investment to another in any meaningful way? There are several levels of depth in looking at investment property and the more deeply you go into it the better you will understand the intrinsic value. Our knowledge based approach to real estate will provide you with extensive data and analysis to allow for informed decision making.

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