Out of the Office- Tooting the Horn

Paul Rogers doesn’t like to toot his own horn, unless he’s playing for the Lower Merion Symphony. Paul has been playing the French horn, in an orchestra, since he was in fourth grade.  It’s a family tradition to play an instrument. He even intended to major in music at college, until he traded his horn for the sound of a motorcycle engine. He graduated college with a Real Estate and Finance degree and has been in the commercial real estate business orchestrating major deals for the last 30 + years.

Rogers joined the JCP CRE Strategies Team as Executive Director of Asset Management, earlier this year. He was instrumental in forging a partnership with Reading Health Systems. Paul will be working with the Real Estate division on tactical short term real estate objective to deal with acquisitions, dispositions and portfolio strategy.

When Paul isn’t working or playing the French horn, he’s combining his two other passions: being a dad and singing. Rogers and his four sons’ singing has taken them all over the world.